What We Do

Tanzania Lion Illumination Project


We are dedicated to stopping HWC and besides our work in Tanzania, we have stopped lions from being killed in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda. We have installed lights from the Kenya border in Tanzania south to areas around Ruaha National Park, everywhere that people are living close to parks, wildlife management areas, or hunting blocks.

Saving Animals With Lights

Our lights are custom made in China, are almost indestructible, and last approximately 5 years. Each light has its own solar panel and works independently of the others. We also have kept elephants out of crops, swimming pools, and kitchens at camps. The predators that we save are lions, leopards, cheetahs, wild dogs, and hyenas. Sometimes even caracals and serval cats try for a baby goat or sheep so they are protected too. The bomas are easy for a leopard to jump over, or a hyena to dig under. Lions like to stand at one side and growl, causing the cattle to push the far side of the boma over and run out into the dark where the rest of the pride is waiting.

Tanzania Lion Illumination Project
Tanzania Lion Illumination Project

Helping Preserve Tanzanian Wildlife

With the human population continually increasing, our wildlife is becoming more threatened. Less habitat for predators has caused their population to decrease dramatically and HWC to increase just as dramatically. This is why we do what we do.

What We Have Accomplished

Our team has installed lights on over 800 bomas since 2014 and we will never be finished. We have installations going on all over Tanzania and are constantly expanding coverage in the remote areas of Tanzania, anywhere that HWC exists.

Adopt a Boma Program

We believe adopting a boma will help protect the livestock, wildlife, and the people who build the bomas. By keeping predators at bay, the people get to keep their animals from harm’s way. With the wild animals far from the community, the families will now have a greater opportunity to connect to the outside world.

For $500, you or a group can adopt a boma. If you choose to adopt, the names and photos of the families using it for livestock will be sent to you. They will also be given your name/s as donor/s of lion lights.

Support Our Cause

Adopt a boma today and help us protect the communities and wildlife of Tanzania. To get started, you may make a donation via PayPal. Thank you for your interest and support.